Home Selling Myths Busted

When it comes to selling a house your time is money. There are a few myths too when it comes to selling.

Myth # 1: Wait Until The Best Season To Sell

The Truth: The best time to sell your home isn’t based on a season. Instead, it’s based on a combination of factors. Before you set out in listing your home, consider these factors to determine if now is the right time to sell. There is always a demand for houses, so don’t put it off if you feel ready to move.

Myth #2: The Longer The Marketing Time, The Better The Offers

The Truth: The reality of the matter is that the longer a property sits in the market, the more likely lower offers will come in!

Myth #3: Your Home Will Sell For Less Money

The Truth: Because many sellers believe these myths to be a reality, fewer people list their homes during the fall and winter seasons-which means less supply. Less supply means less competition since there are fewer homes for buyers to choose from. When demand for housing remains strong (as we’ve seen it’s forecasted to do) and there are fewer homes on the market, those who do list have the upper hand. Increased demand plus decreased supply equals higher prices.

Myth #4: Homes Sit On The Market Longer

The Truth: The real reason homes sit on the market (no matter what the season) usually boils down to three factors: pricing, presentation, or inflexibility. When you see a home sit on the market for an extended period of time, it’s often due to one or more of these reasons.

Your time is money! Don’t waste it! You need an expert in your corner who can help you maximize the value of your home and get it sold fast.  Call Seema Jay at 704 298 8078 or email me at seemajayrealty@gmail.com.

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