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Seema Jay has over 22 years in Information technology, management ,banking .and rea estate investing .and firmly believes that the culmination of all this experience coupled with her desire to help and do what’s best for the community will put her above and beyond any other real estate agent..
Her experience covers new constructions, pre-existing homes, short sales, foreclosures, investments, first-time home buyer process, move-uppers, and more. Being surrounded by the remodeling of homes and introduced to all aspect of building a home, she is uniquely qualified to help buyers and sellers alike understand the value, quality and strengths of their next move in real estate.

Having such a strong construction background also allows her to see the potential in properties that may need some renovation. She can foresee what renovations can help with the value of your sale, and help you recognize value add-ons on your purchases.

Seema is an investor-friendly agent and is competent at their job, has time to focus on your needs and can act very quickly. She has worked with many investors and has a high understanding of what is needed to create long term growth and create a strategy that will help clients grow their wealth within the Real Estate market.
She can weigh out the costs of repairs and value that will be created upon completion of the remodel.

She has accumulated listings for great rental or flip deals that will ensure investors greatest return on their money .
Sign up and receives these lists daily so that your next deal is just an email away

Her contacts with financial institutions help first time home buyers get into programs that can help them get a good head start in building home equity early on in their lives.

Sign up for her weekly classes focussed on credit building for first time home buyers that need to understand the mortgage and funding concepts .

Many people have trusted her company to do Property management for their out of town properties successfully for the last 5 years .The investors are assured that their properties has the best professional supervision .Tenants are happy and Investors get their rents are on time .

The areas served are Statesville, Mooresville , Salisbury and Kannapolis / Concord

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